Episode 21: Azahul Gone Wild

February 28, 2017

In this Episode, we sit down with Azahul from the forums to cover the latest hotfix errata, the changes in SR2017, and why he pigs Carver and Arkadus and so should you!

00:00 - Liam, Azahul, introduces himself. 

03:00 - We find Rickard in the Salt Mines and talk about our week

06:00 - We discuss the Errata and news 

15:00 - We ask Liam about his meta

17:00 - We continue to talk about the Errata 

23:00 - We make Rickard talk in Swedish.

24:00 - SR 2017 Rumors/information

27:00 - We talk about Burnubus, Rurrsk, Murlick, and culubun. 
                Actually in all serious, Gaston tracks super sweet data about minions in competative formats. 

35:00 - We talk about release schedule

43:00 - We give Liam the floor. 

51:00 - Gaston take the stage

55:00 - Liam practically tells Gaston to be quiet with his stellar tech.

68:00 - That moment when we all agree that Sturm and Drang need a bit of help, or just play Sturm and Drang + Carver in the same list *wink*

69:00 - We steal some Arkadius tech from our good man Liam 

75:00 - We give a lesson in being american 

78:00 - Gaston argues his list

82:00 - Play the theme, don't ambush anything. 





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