Episode 22: Max Units like a real man

April 3, 2017

Hello All! We are here today with episode #22 and a lot of glorious news!  We discuss the new theme list, CiD and a lot of battle reports and games! Strap yourself down and get a big bucket of gumbo because this is a content filled episode! 


00:00 - Do we actually have names on the forums anymore? 

03:00 - We chat about the need for a centralized chat area and/or the need more memes! 

06:00 - Rask is a Boston Bruins player

08:30 - CiD update! Psshhh we didn't need it! 

16:00 - Alex gets inturrupted by totally relevant content called Battle Reports by Rickard for Jaga!

36:00 - BlindWater Theeeemee! 6 benefits, count them!

41:00 - Rickard and Gastone discuss unimportant stuff without Alex

42:00 - Theme Theory and Free models discussed for strength

      48:00 - Witch Doc Thoughts

      50:00 - Mat 6 posse *sadface*  

      57:00 - Barnabas 

      66:00 - Calaban

70:00 - Adepticon

     Congradulations to David! 

     Min/Max discussion

76:00 - Gaston Lists in theme: Max units like a real man

98:00 - Rickard: Min units like a Champ






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