Episode 15: I like my Hungerford like i like my coffee - covered in bees.

August 3, 2016

We are back with another episode! Today we interview Will Hungerford, organized play developer at Privateer Press. We cover a range of topics so just strap yourself in for the ride.

00:00 - Intro

01:00 - Pokemon chat

01:20 - A wild Organized Play Developer appears!

02:50 - Hungerford tells us about his pokemon dream team

03:40 - Bee chat

05:15 - Question time for Hungerford, how he got into the game and his evolutions at Privateer Press

10:30 - Six degrees of Louisiana and cajun death cuisine

13:25 - Why Hungerford got into minions and his favourite minion models

19:45 - Lesser warlocks

21:30 - Construction of the minion faction. The emergence of the minion pacts in the transition from Mk1 to Mk2

25:00 - Raluk interlude

29:15 - Hungerford explains the thought behind the Aggression Dial and Full Boar requiring both forcing and damage

34:00 - Minion model support for our own faction vs main factions

36:45 - The Road Hog is a ._.~* unique snowflake *~._.in a porky package

39:25 - The transition from Mk2 to Mk3 and the unification of the pacts

43:20 - Minions and the command books

46:25 - Bone Grinder overhaul explained

48:00 - Gatormen Posse and the minion tax

52:15 - The end (?) of the flying gator circus and laser precision throwing in Mk3

56:45 - Minion listbuilding in Mk3

58:40 - Character Wrastler?!

1:01:10 - Sturm and Drang chat. How do they actually settle disputes among themselves?

1:05:25 - Minions visual background and the future

1:10:10 - Does, say, ascending to godhood prevent a model from receiving a tabletop epic?

1:10:50 - Playtesting and storytime about busted rules

1:14:30 - ...what?!

1:15:00 - Are minion models designed primarily for minions or main factions?

1:16:40 - Tips for bringing posse-tivity to your local metas

1:19:20 - Playing minions in the PP map campaign

1:21:05 - Playing in the wild as a PP staffer

1:23:40 - Hungerford’s request to the podcast and the listeners

1:27:55 - Outro


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