Episode 9: Rask-i-sode

January 27, 2016

Hello everyone! We continue with our caster focus episodes with Rask, the Asshole fishman! If you are looking to chose a caster to be competative with, look no further! Rask is a great warlock as either your primary list or to compliment your pig lists!

03:00 - News and Announcements
06:00 - Some Meat Thresher Talk
12:00 - Caster Focus Rask


Episode 8 - Splatter Batter don’t matter list and John the Guest

December 18, 2015

Today we have a special episode with our first guest, John DeMaris! He comes on to talk about a new pig list involving 9 Battle Boars and 4 Splatter Boars with Carver. If you are looking for a fun time involving the insights of another, check it out!

00:00 - Introduce John DeMaris
03:00 - Don't get too Boar-ed to death
04:00 - What brought John to Minions?
06:00 - Rickard fights John and defends himself by calling it a "jank game"
10:00 - Gobber Chef
22:00 - John Talks about the River Raiders
29:00 - Ham Spam Ba-Blam
50:00 - Other Options for your 13 Boars
60:00 - John Talks about other Minions stuff
70:00 - Speculation talk
83:00 - Fart cloud city
90:00 - Free Discussion
100:00 - Rickard asks "Will pigs overtake Gators?"


Episode 7 - Caster Focus: Midas

November 18, 2015
Hello everyone! Today we talk about the news of the Gobber Chef and Bog Trog Trawler! We also begin a series of caster focus episodes, enjoy some Midas talk! 

02:00 - News

08:00 - Gobber Chef
13:00 - Bog Trog Trawler
19:00 - What are we working on?
44:00 - Caster Focus, Midas 

Episode 6 - Minions Devastation Review!

October 23, 2015
We discuss the Minions portion of the book, Devastation. It was an amazing book for us with a lot of unexpected goodies! 
Sorry we have been a bit behind schedule due to real life things getting in the way, we plan to push for a more regular release schedule for everyone! 

01:00 - Molik Pig comes back

03:00 - Battle Boar
16:00 - Rickard Praises Brigands
23:00 - Damn we talk about the Battle Boar forever
24:00 - Splatter Boar
40:00 - BlindWalker
54:00 - We don't talk about Croak Raiders, check episode 0! 
56:00 - Lynissa Wressstllee and Wrestle listen balm yarda
62:00 - Warroom updates during our cast! 
66:00 - Brigand Warlord, revaluation
69:00 - Gaston wants your weirdly painted Warlords. 
71:00 - The Crap Minions we cannot take. 
73:00 - Our Overall Book Rating
74:00 - End in anger, the Yertle4 way
81:00 - Gaston talks list shop
86:00 - Shout out to Zombiepops
89:00 - Baconbaconbaconbacon
91:00 - Lets talk on the forums! 

Episode 5: Assassinations, IN MINIONS!?

October 8, 2015
Hello everyone! We bring you an episode focused on Assassination in Minions! We bring the question to the ringer of, who can get the best assassination? Is it Barnabas? Can you throw Rask to sneak that win? Maybe Gaston will argue that S+D with Molik pig can get those enemy warcasters! Check it out and tell us about your assassinations! 

00:45 - Gaston sits us down for story time

02:00 - Rickard says he is uninterested 
03:45 - Shoutouts! 
04:35 - Huge New Gator Heavy Happiness! 
05:30 - Calaban is a douche
11:24 - Gaston Shouts out Azahul (again, hehe) 
13:00 - Talk to Rickard about WTC
15:50 - Shout out to Yertle
17:50 - Main topic, we discuss assassination
21:00 - Lunch lists, mmm bacon
51:00 - Gaston's clarity in speculation in fart boar is impeccable. 
78:00 - Rickard talks about how he got burnt by S+D

Episode 4 - WTC and Errata

September 9, 2015

In this episode we discuss the WTC lists and the newest errata! Rickard is a traitor, but we forgive him.

Please make sure to check out our facebook, where we have discussions and would love anyone to join! https://www.facebook.com/amatterofpact

01:00 - Rickard the Traitor
02:00 - Gator Judas
03:30 - champagne!
04:30 - Errata
13:30 - Minions Lists at WTC
33:00 - Pact Vs. Theme
37:00 - Barnabas
44:00 - Carver
48:00 - Calaban
53:00 - Arkadius
54:00 - We make fun of Rickard again.
60:00 - Maelok
69:00 - Sturm + Drang
76:00 - Rask
80:00 - Midas
90:00 - Jaga-Jaga
94:00 - Helga
105:00 - Closing


Episode 3 - ADRisode

August 19, 2015

In this episode we discuss ADR and all of the possible pairings. This is a great episode to hear about how we design lists and the different ways to design pairs/lists. This episode is for anyone with an upcoming ADR tournament or even just normal dojo/list building. Hope you all like it!
Oh and P.S we all troll Rickard and force him to make a Sturm and Drang list!

00:00 - Intro, discussion on ADR
07:00 - Carver/S+D (Gaston)
10:00 - Rickard scoops to mini Molik Karn
18:00 - Gaston talks swaping with Pigs
28:00 - Alex scoops
31:00 - Calaban/Jaga-Jaga (Rickard makes our jaws drop with his in depth list building)
46:00 - Carver/Jaga-Jaga (Alex)
50:00 - Viktor and Saxon wish they could swap in and out
65:00 - Calaban/Carver (Gaston)
71:00 - Calaban/S+D (Rickard)
86:00 - It's ok to have bad matchups with Sturm and Drang
88:00 - S+D/Jaga-Jaga (Alex)
90:00 - Bit of Raluk Talk
100:00 - ADR in our metas


Warlord and a Shoutout

August 10, 2015

Today we have a slightly shorter episode where we discuss our INITIAL reaction/impression to the Brigand Warlord UA. We also give a shoutout to a Minions player who won a local masters style event!

02:00 - Warlord
27:00 - Shout out
39:00 - Asking about your ADR lists, preliminary to next episode

Sorry for having a much longer wait for this episode! We plan to get back into the full swing of things very soon!


Episode 2: The State of Competitive minions.

July 16, 2015
Hello everyone! We have for you today another episode of A Matter of Pact. Today we discuss things like what is Meta? and what is competitive play? While wrapping this into the current state of Minions. This cast is a bit abstract and at points gets a tiny bit rambley, but all in all we touch on a lot of good points along with tips, pointers, and lists to try out! We also discuss our thoughts and wishes for the Warlord. 

We hope you enjoy and we would love feedback and to hear from you all on the forums/facebook/e-mail. 

Happy Minioning! 

0:00 - Introduction
1:00 - A Thank you
2:00 - WARLORD: I pig, I die, I pig again
17:00 - Introduction to main topic: Competitive play
18:00 - What is meta?
30:00 - What does Competitive mean? 
42:30 - State of Minions in the meta
85:30 - Witch Doc Croc talk, and solo discussions
86:30 - Totem Hunter Kills Gastone
94:00 - You can win! 
95:00 - Wrap up, points to remember 

Episode 1: Why play Minions and the Battleboxes

July 1, 2015

Here comes episode 1! We record two episodes at one does still have a bit of background noise as we figure out our ideal casting locations, so please forgive us and thank Gaston for his editing skills! 

In this episode we discuss why we play minions, what we enjoy about them and why we started playing minions. We also discuss all of the battlebox casters and a potential plan for their escalation lists. Then we close with how to purchase minions, what to buy, what not to buy, how to not break the bank, we talk about these as a player getting into Warmachine, or picking up your second pact! 
Thanks for listening to A Matter of Pact! Please feel free to ask us questions on the forums/Facebook or shoot us an e-mail at amatterofpact@gmail.com! 
Happy Warmachine playing! 
Time Stamps: 
1:00 - Why Start Minions
2:00 - Minions are Sexy
15:45 - Lion King Wisdom
16:15 - Battle Box Games
17:45 - Carver
30:40 - Barnabas
48:20 - Arkadius 
63:20 - Maelok 
83:00 - Purchasing Pigs
97:00 - Purchasing Gators
108:00 - Closing