Episode 35: Endings

December 31, 2018

As the year comes to an end, so does this podcast. Thanks to all our loyal listeners that have stuck with us over 35 episodes!! At least we leave on a high note with almost zero discussion about cartoon genitalia.

00:00 Intro
00:35 Farewells
10:25 Outro
10:40 Behind the scenes - AMoP after dark


Episode 34: Spraysgiving 2019

December 1, 2018

This episode is a bit abbreviated due to holiday feasting cutting into the normal bacon feasting time, but we celebrate Happy Holidays with SaD lists! Sturm and Drang that is!


Episode 33: The Semiretired Cashmire Quagmire We Admire

November 1, 2018

In this episode we delve into the dojo for our newest Minion member and address a Rasky listener challenge.

00:00 Intro

00:01 Metric Temperature is Hot

00:02 Conversational Rulings

00:04 A Whole New Frog, A New Fantastic Point of View

00:13 Beast Buddy Bro-Down

00:23 Bull Snappers Still Suck

00:24 Big D!!!

00:31 The Actual Key, This Time for Real

00:37 Rickard's Significantly More Boring Than Gaston's Dojo

00:40 Lesserless Rask is Greater

00:44 Neo-Modern Rask

00:48 Post Neo-Modern Rask

00:50 Minion Caster Art Challenge


Episode 32: Rickard Goes to Poland and Croaks

October 1, 2018

In this episode we discuss the new upcoming Croak Lesser Warlock, as well as Rickard's time at the WTC, and how Minions did at the WTC as a whole.

00:00 Intro

00:01 Con Crud Home Remedies

00:04 Get Mire'd at WMW

00:10 How Many Croaks Makes a Theme?

00:12 CalaBANNED?

00:14 CalaBUFFED!

00:15 The Hugo Awards

00:17 Rickard Starts His WTC

00:36 The Last Russian Cowboy

00:40 The Swedish Finnish Strong

00:42 Maelocking for the Future

00:48 We Judge Strangers....

00:52 Why Not Posse?


01:02 Sexual Chocolate




Episode 31: Ghost snakes eating faces and taking names

September 1, 2018

Ghost Snakes are eating faces and taking names when Rickard and Gaston unleashes Rask. There are battle reports galore and WTC stats with some fresh tech mixed in in this episode.

00:00 intro
01:05 Random thoughts about SR2018 and list construction
04:45 Battle at Lund tourney short tourney reports
06:15 Rask vs Makeda2
07:40 If you're going to trade Spoopy Ghost Pig, primal him
09:00 Rask vs Calandra. Croak Raiders are OP!
12:45 Rask vs Makeda1
13:10 Down on attrition? Just kill caster not problem.
15:05 Rask vs Magnus2 dice-off for Watchmachine and cold beers
16:00 Rask vs Nemo3
20:10 Team tourney time, Rask into Kolgrima
22:55 Mudfoot success story!
24:15 Rask vs Dreamer
28:00 Jaga vs Denny2
30:35 Jaga list changes, needs more solos for scoring flags
34:10 Some random Husk dojo
35:25 Rask into Anamag
39:30 Longing for Mortality
40:45 Maelok posse spam in the meta tangent
41:20 Random Maelok into Harby chat
43:55 Gaston helps with hard list decisions
44:50 Gaston goes to NOVA open
45:50 Jaga vs Kreoss2
49:00 Rask vs Thagrosh1
52:00 Rask vs Child
53:40 Rask vs Locke
55:45 Toss-Snake is dead, long live Spoopy Ghost Snake!
1:00:00 Free attrition is pretty souieeeeet
1:00:55 WTC segment
1:01:05 Cryx has a very high representation and this needs to be stated in every podcast including ours
1:04:00 Looking at the WTC minion statistics
1:07:25 Some closer looks at lists, Australia what?!
1:18:00 Outro


Episode 30: Medium meta threshness

August 1, 2018

Hello everyone! Plot twists aplenty as Rickard ditches his old list pairing and Gaston breaches into the medium base meta with super thresh tech. Apologies in advance for some mic breathing issues.

00:00 Intro
00:35 Vacation like a swede
01:15 French team tournament
02:55 Maelok lamentations
06:10 Champions of the order of the Wall are such a pleasant play experience :)
09:10 When picking sides in SR18 it's important to factor in the scorching sun
10:45 WTC bootcamp
11:00 BLoB problems #Bloblems
12:45 Some cute dark shroud shenanigans in Blindwater
13:30 Going forward with a new fresh list pair!
14:00 Jaga gunline into Dark Industries
19:00 Slaughter fleet tangent
21:55 Gaston's Jaga list
22:10 Feat fodder discussion
29:00 Rask revisited
32:25 The Gaston threshness in a medium base meta
38:15 Rask thresher list and discussion
42:10 Rask-thresher success stories
45:15 There's no positioning answer to the Thresher/Horror combo!
50:15 MoP-cast - where we endorse the battle engines
50:35 Gaston mathematically explores some combat solos into medium bases
58:40 Outro


Episode 29: Alternative Dracodile Recipes (ADR)

July 1, 2018

Hello All! In this episode we talk about Minion representation in OTC, how to tackle Primal Terrors, LnL, and ADR!!!

00:40 Old Podcast Dad Jokes

01:30 Minions in OTC

04:00 Jaga Appreciation Tour

08:30 Thrullg Unappreciation Tour

09:00 Primal Terrors Meta Bender

15:30 Hellmouth Buddy System

20:30 Madrak1 Follow Up

23:30 Rickard's BLOB Adventure Update

29:30 LnL Christmas Model Preview

32:30 New ADR Talk

38:00 Thornfall Non-Sequitor

41:00 Not Snakes Gaming Games BLOBwater


Episode 28: Greater Lessers

June 1, 2018

Hello all! In this episode we talk about tournament results, dive into a user question for Lesser Warlocks, and wrap up with some Calalovin'.

00:00 Intro
00:30 Rupper Chicken Midas
01:30 One Day Maximus
02:00 Rickard Does America in Star Spangled Stretchies
04:00 Rickard Also Does Minimum Maelok
20:00 Good Listener Questions
20:45 Blob Zoo
21:15 Longchops Does Not Wiggle
34:30 The Bigger Lesser Question
37:45 Girls Dig Snakes
41:15 Wongjaw and Snap Eye
44:05 Bear Necessities
46:30 Scary Beary
53:30 Calalovin'
58:30 Outro


Episode 27: Maelok deep-dive with Bret Fogel

May 1, 2018

Hello all! In this episode we are joined by Bret Fogel, winner of Adepticon Masters, who gives us some insights into Maelok
and talk a little about the minion faction overall.

00:00 Intro
00:30 Introducing our special guest for this episode
01:50 In MK3 Minions hogged (lol) all the Circle design space
03:35 Maelok in the meta
14:15 Battlegroup loadouts
20:15 Maelok in WWFF
23:50 Solos and Death Pact
28:50 Tangent into the jank-tank
31:30 Thrullg chat
34:50 Single or double Witch Doc
40:10 Alternatives to fourth Posse unit
44:20 Pull Success story
47:20 Midas sidetrack
49:10 Now we just ramble on about various things in minions
58:30 Why Grymkin is bad for Maelok
1:05:30 Outro


Episode 26: Hastag Options

April 1, 2018

Hello all! Are we back or is this just a very high-effort April fool's joke? Anyway, we talk a little about all the new stuff in a post-CID world now that all the Blindwater releases has hit the shelf.

Apologies for the sound in advance. It came out a little off but we're working on that for our next cast.

00:00 - Intro
02:00 - The new minion fury support package
05:30 - What's a blob?
05:55 - Gaston gushes over the With Doc Croc
08:30 - PSA don't sac strike solos
09:00 - A little husk talk
12:45 - Theme ranking
18:15 - Valkyrie vs. Posse comparison
28:30 - Gaston shares some Jaga experiences
34:00 - Kwaak & Gub chat
37:45 - Barnabas, the lord of Blob
49:15 - Hot take blob power ranking
52:20 - Outro