Episode 16:Hungerford Challenge and Reservoir Hogs

September 5, 2016
Hello all! 
We are back after chatting with Hungerford last episode! This episode we bring you the Hungerford challenge, to take models that were underplayed/underused in mark2 or significantly changed in mark3! Gaston Brings you some Sturm and Drang, while Rickard picks his first love, Rask. 

00:00 - Intro

02:00 - News and Preparations
03:00 - Rickard's summer Warmachine experience in Europe and being a sweet bachelor 
06:00 - GenCon recap, Shout out to Clayton 
10:00 - Hungerford Challenge 
10:35 - Gaston: Orin Midwinter, Sturm and Drang, Blythe and Bull
16:00 - Gaston gets 2 extra inches he didn't know about 
34:00 - Threat Ranges and pre-measuring 
35:00 - Rickard talks throwing
54:00 - Should we throw? 
57:00 - Gaston will search Drop Bears but not Warroom!? 
58:00 - Rickard and Rask, a match made in heaven
75:00 - Lessers are so good
86:00 - Gudrun is Rickard's Swedish Auntie 

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